brugiatelli design

New look for the Monticelli company

How important is it for a company to guide, orient, and adjust the presence of visitors within its work environments? Far more than we can imagine if we think of the benefits that a good signage can bring in terms of security, timing optimization, and of course image. The company Monticelli knows it well! It has commissioned us to rethink all the external signs, maps and direction signs. A total restyling for a company increasingly alert to communication.

Communicating the trade fair

The trade fair is still a chance for meetings between companies and customers, but more and more communication at the fair must be anticipated, supported and recalled with paper and web tools. That is how brochures, product catalogs, newsletters and web pages take shape. At all of that we are working for Compagnucci High Tech s.r.l., in view of the next SICAM fair in October: an integrated communication project that focuses on all of our skills.

Let's start!

Each great essay states that the end of a path always marks the beginning of a new one. With this we want to say that our holidays are over and that we are ready for a new season of the year: challenging, exciting but above all filled with new initiatives and projects that we do not disclose at this time. We had a great beginning and you?